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into you

[ mood | chipper ]

Me and Alijendra are doin our livejournals together!!

Ill update later.

Love you!


5 ; im so into you

[ mood | chipper ]

The past few weeks i have been at Karisas house with her and Destiny. It was great then saterday at Johnnies party Destinys diper blew up in the pool. It was soo funny... then after all that me and karisa layed around the house and at about 930 we decided to go outside to "charge up my phone" but we jumped in the pool in our clothes. and then decided to take them off hah so we threw them in the deep end and then we never found them except for a shirt so karisa is on the divin bord naked and her nanny looks out the window and karisa jumped in and her momma came out so we put our shirt on and then we finilly found all our clothes and we were on this tannin thing for a pool that can only hold 1 peson and thats all and i was like hmm imagin if we were in a ocean and this was all we had so we finiilly got on it after 20 min. and then we were like i see a shark fin hah so then we made a short movie bout 30 min. long. its a sing along haha it was so funny. Then we ran around the house bc we were soakin wet and left some of our stuff out there. Homer got it all. Then at like 12 we found this channel for biddin and we called and bidded on all kinds of stf and this one guy was like well i gotta got to work so if u wanna talk call back later it was soo funny. We told JL to get Montana somethin off of there. His reaction is unable to be posted.

Karisa I love you!!! (sing) I'm Telin your father YOU FISH WHORE!!!

1 ; im so into you

[ mood | amused ]

Im movin in with my daddy. Ill be out in Stilson forever. That means, im always gunna have to drive to town and pick up pizza insted of them deliverin it to me. Anyways i was susposed to go to a mudbog with Joel but i cant go.

Im lookin to put a new layout on here. ill update later.



6 ; im so into you

[ mood | happy ]


Me and Candis are goin to Splash. Then Joels prolly commin over =]



Joel- Im at your window.. Knock Knock.. hahha

into you


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haha im a df
2 ; im so into you

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